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China : The biggest exporters of wines are France, Chile and Australia

The biggest exporters of wines to China are France, Chile and the Aussies

When working with winebottler you can not get the perfect bottle for your product, but you can get some additional services, such as the brand and marketing of your product, are professionals in such jobs, and have links to make your product more enjoyable for many people . Understand function as a source of marketing, and have done many great projects in the past.

With professional shots of the products and brands, they have earned a good name and respect in the wine market. source A guide opens a heavy wooden door and leads visitors to a cellar of the Bordeaux castle. Throughout the vast network of underground rooms and corridors, thousands of bottles age for decades in the cold darkness. Today, many of the tourists who visit this French wine region are Chinese. Retired couple Wang Jiawei and Cao Juanjuan visit Europe for the first time. They travel to London and Paris, but they say that Bordeaux is also …

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