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New Zealand want to lure more and more Chinese tourists

New Zealand attracts + 30% Chinese tourists

Tourism in New Zealand is changing with the arrival of Chinese travelers. All industries across the country benefited from this new target and contributed to the $ 500 million increase in overall purchasing expenditures last year. China has seen its spending increase by 37% over the last year. According to the quarterly survey of international visitors of the Ministry of Commerce, Innovation and Employment, the Chinese spent $ 555 million in September 2012, placing them for the first time in the United Kingdom ($ 545 million). ). Australian market (spending $ 1.7 billion) [...] Expenses in China During the year ended March 31, 2013, Canadian and foreign tourists spent $ 23.9 billion, $ 541 million, or 2.3% more than the previous year. The Statistics New Zealand report showed that spending by international tourists increased by 2.2% ($ 213 million) during the year, following a 1.4% increase the previous year. This increase in spending was pa…

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