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Tariffs on $200 Billion Chinese Goods

The White House said it was considering additional tariffs of 10% on Chinese exports for $ 200 billion. This would be the third round of tariffs on Chinese products imposed by the Trump administration and comes shortly after a 25% tariff came into force against $ 34 billion of Chinese products. Although tariffs would not enter into force for at least two months, they would be much more aggressive in the range of products to which they would apply. This is what makes them different.
source Twitter
China's Consumer goods 
The tariff round that went into effect last Friday was mainly applied to the raw materials imported by US companies. Only about 1% of the items on the list were consumer goods. This round points to a greater amount of consumer goods, as varied as fish, luggage, tires, dog leashes, baseball gloves, furniture, clothing, mattresses and some electronic items. The Trump administration has tried to limit the impact of commercial war on consumers and any negative reaction…

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